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work wear

Work wear has a dual function, it protects the employees from any hazard and it promotes your business. Good workwear adds to the image of your business. The way in which employees are dressed says a lot about the professionalism of an organization. SPQ gives you the option to choose the workwear from existing models in our catalogue or to choose for custom made designs, hence the customer can choose the design and the fabric depending on his requirements. See below the service process for work wear:



We will show you the options we have in the catalogue and assist you in getting the right work wear for the job.


We can change the design and fabrics of the work wear as per your requirements. The work wear can further be personalized by logo and embroidering service. If required, we can measure all your employees on site to ensure that your employees have the right fit.

Product delivery

When the selection and personalization process is finished. We request the customer to send the order form. Hence the ordered products will be delivered and invoiced to your company.

Logo and embroidery

Because workwear is also part of a company’s image, we recognize the importance of offering a logo and embroidery service.

Patch emblems are applied to the garment using a heat-seal machine. Depending on the required execution and the type of fabric, various types of patch emblems can be used.

Embroidery is a craft based technique that can be applied to any type of garment. The process is more labor-intensive and requires a longer lead time but the result gives the fabric a beautiful finish and appearance. The cost depends on the dimensions and number of pieces to be embroidered.

Screen printing is a technique where any logo can be printed directly on the work wear.

Technical work wear

Some specific industries need technical work wear in order to protect the employee against fire hazard, chemical hazard, heat hazard, attacks from insects etc. For any specific advice concerning the use of technical fabrics, you can contact SPQ.

PPE Sourcing

SPQ has a broad network of PPE suppliers to source the PPE your company is looking for, we can advise the customers and provide a quotation for the needed products. For any advice concerning PPE sourcing, you can contact SPQ.

OSH Training

Our experienced and professional trainers will train your workers to know more about occupational safety and health issues.