who are we

SPQ Trading is a specialized B2B supplier and one stop shop for Uniforms and Safety Equipment (Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)) for different industries. We outsource the production of the workwear to local companies in Ethiopia. SPQ is importer for protective work wears and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), we only import those goods which fulfil the SPQ supplier selection criteria in order to be able to guarantee a 100% performance to the customer.

We provide a full service to our customers so that they can fully concentrate on their core business.

In consultation with the customer, we advise about the type of work wears and PPE to use taking into account the health, safety and hygiene requirements of the customer’s industry, we strive to offer for every situation the best solution. If we cannot find the solution locally, SPQ will search in its broad network of PPE suppliers all over the world. We focus on flexibility, short lead times, excellent customer service and good value for money.


We provide Uniforms and Safety equipment (PPE) to our customers in order to protect people from any safety, hygiene and health risk. We want to build a strong relationship with our customers and deliver the best service both in terms of quality and delivery.


Our vision is to become a respected supplier of Uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all industries in East and West Africa.

The Team

Mandefrot Hailu

General Manager

Mandefrot has 20 years of business experience. He holds a degree in Marketing and International management.

Mathieu Goudeseune

Marketing and Quality Manager

Mathieu is the Marketing and Quality manager for SPQ Trading PLC. He holds a Master’s degree in Bioscience engineering from Ugent university in Belgium. Mathieu started his first work experience in Ethiopia in 2012. With 9 years of experience in different industries, Mathieu brings with him a broad industrial knowledge which are an invaluable asset for the company.

Tsegaye Wossenu

Pattern maker & Quality Controller

Tsegaye has a BSc degree in Industrial Engineering and has a working experience in the field of project management, garment production and design.
Tsegaye is in charge of pattern making and quality control.

Sihine Yeshidinber

Finance and Admininistration Officer

Sihine has a BA degree in Accounting and Finance and has a working experience in the field of Finance. Her knowledge and experience will further professionalize SPQ’s systems and procedures.

Nasredin Mohamed

Designer and Web Master

Nasredin works on designing promotional materials including brochures, flyers and banners. With more than Six years’ experience with websites and digital marketing in general, he also manages and maintains our website and social media marketing.